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South Mountain Myotonic Goat Show 
South Mountain Falling Fainters Show
For information about the fair - the South Mountain Fair website
Answers to frequently asked questions:
show dates & times: Myotonic Goat Show Monday, July 31, 9 am
                               Falling Fainters Show Monday, July 31,  2 pm
                               Tennessee Goat Show Tuesday, August 1, 9 am

Entry fees: $18 per goat per class for 1 show, $14 per goat per class if attending 2 shows, $10 per goat per class if attending all 3 shows. 

Busy Breeder Special - $250 for 10 or more goats.  Limited number of Specials available.

Market wether jackpot entry fees:  $15 per goat per show.  For each $15 fee the class pays $5 to the Champ, $3 to the Res. Champ. and $2 divided evenly between all other wether jackpot entries.

We are now in the livestock arena.  Our facility includes lights, electric outlets, pens,  bleachers, secure fencing and a PA system.

Pens are roughly 5' x 5' of heavy welded wire.  You may show from your trailer or bring your own pens/shelters at no charge.  Trailers parked near the arena must be moved before 4pm Tuesday.

Camping is available at the fairgounds.  See the fair website for details and to reserve a spot.  Campers must be under the trees near the RVs (close to our new show area) .  RVs/campers can reserve spots with electric hook-ups.  Bathrooms/showers are available.

For those of you camping at the fair, the showers are in the basement of the auditorium (bldg #11) and in the dairy barn (bldg #30). The dairy barn is next to the camping area with hookups. 

Book your motel room NOW. Gettysburg is a tourist town.  Many hotels are already sold out.  The Gettysburg Foundation maintains a hotel list, or use a travel website to search for availability.  There is camping at the fair. Go to for camping details.  There are also several local campgrounds.

All exhibitors will have a listing on the show website. If you would like a display ad, please see the Sponsor page for details. Checks payable to Carrie Eastman. Mail to Carrie Eastman, 250 Balltown Rd, Gardners PA 17324  Or PayPal 

Check-in/arrival times: before 5 and 8pm Sunday or before 8am Monday.

Check-out/departure:  After the show ends.  

Pens: Provided. You can reserve a pen or pens, or show from your vehicle, or bring your own pens and covering.  No bedding fee, cleanup required.

Bedding: pine chips/shavings included in price. . Pens are set on gravel screenings.  If you use bedding, please put down a tarp underneath.

Hay: bring your own or contact Carrie Eastman about reserving some local hay.

Equipment/hay/feed storage: Please plan to store in your vehicle or trailer. Pen space is limited. Farm banners & displays on pens are allowed. There is room for large seating areas & tables right next to the pens.  

Water:  chlorinated water on site.  

Animal bathing: wash stalls available near cattle barns. cold water only.  Bring your own hose.

Required medical info: Certificate of Veterinary Inspection and Verification of Veterinarian Client-Patient Relationship at a minimum. There may be additional requirements for your state - please read over all the Dept 6 info in the Fair Book found online. Goats coming from outside PA must have a CVI issued within 30 days prior to the opening date of the show.  Goats coming within PA must have a CVI issued within 60 days.

For information about myotonic goat shows, this website is the most current